Reverse Engineering Your IPO !



    “Everything happens twice:
    once in your mind, the second time in reality.”

    - Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan



    3 Days Journey of Discovery Capital Mechanism

    Re-engineering Business Model  - Profit KPI - M&A - IPO


    Day 1 : Deconstruction of you mind set : Transforming Impossible to Miracles:


    •Deconstruct you current mind set

    •Miracles Vs Logical - Open up your eye sight and allow you to see what you cant see in the business reality

    •Capital Raising Psychology

    •Business Model Reengineering and case study

    •How to monetize the project even before it started?

    •How to create a International Branding with minimum cost.

    •Branding Capital Mechanism

    •How to monetize your Brand

    •Pricing and positioning strategy in the market

    •How to make your company cash rich

    •How to eliminate all the risk that will collapse your company

    •How to create a corporation that can last for 100 years

    •Why IPO? The benefit to IPO your company

    •Improve your clarity of your business destination

    •Reddot Theory: Why Richard Brandson can control so many company?

    •How can create a company can run without your existing.

    •How can Identify bankable or unbankable business

    •Company Vision Reengineering

    •How to hijack your investor imagination

    Day 2: FRM of IPO : The ultimate way to create unlimited wealth​


    •The mechanism of issuing shares

    •What is Pari Passu ?

    •How to avoid mistake during the process of IPO

    •Understanding Banker, and underwriter and their psychology

    •Share Holder benefits management

    •Case study : FRM

    •Rewired your mind set from Entrepreneur to Investor.

    •The mistake that even the banker will make and can cost you million dollar

    •How to make your company exponentially grow .

    •Your IPO as your exponential growth strategy

    •The Golden Standard of Equity Management

    •IPO SPV Structural Design ( Special Purpose Vechicle)

    •How to kickstart your capital raising

    •6 step to build a Unicorn - a startup that worth billion dollar.

    •How to design your company Dividend Policy

    •The Roadmap of IPO and step by step Implementation guide.

    •The Top secret how to make your IPO in 3-4 years.


    Day 3:Implementation of your IPO


    •How to maximize your company valuation

    •Equity Management in capital raising process

    •The secret that even Standford , Havard business school don’t teach and JP Morgan and Blackstone want to guard it from you.

    •How to tap into the abundancies of the capital world.

    •What is the Venture Capitalist and Investment banker looking for?

    •How to design your own IPO and maximize company valuation.

    •Investor Relationship Management

    •How to design your ESOS ( Employee Stock Option Scheme ).

    •Case Study: Business model reengineering .

    •Case Study : 28 billion Project Led by Dr Wong and its business model.

    •How to get the income from development project even before start selling .

    •Game theory Strategy IPO

    •Bullet proof method to IPO your company.

    •Life Transformation mission as an Entrepreneur

  • Why Should I Attend "Miracle Of Capital" ?

    While others think of how to survive this new capital centered economy, A new era of capital mechanism awaits, meaning more growth, more productivity, more profits. It’s time to own the success your business deserves. Over 3 days & 3 nights, Miracles of Capital will arm you and your business with the strategies and psychology for thriving in this new world of capital.

    Dominate mindshare in your market. Massively expand your cash flow and capital. Train, retain & inspire an extraordinary team via the ReddotTM theory. Create an amazing business model- like the ones at Apple, AirAsia and Amazon- by learning from the best. At The Miracles of Capital, you will discover where your business is and where you want it to be- and you’ll create the roadmap to get you there- all through the capital mechanism model.


    The Miracles of capital graduates understand what many business leaders don’t: To dominate your market in any economy, you must master the 6 Force of Capital Mechanism. By harnessing the power of world-class business model; an impactful roadshows, restructuring through the concept of wealth creation system, and strategic Financial Roadmap, our grads know how to thrive (not just survive)in any economy. Isn’t it time that you joined them?


    Are You Ready? Are you ready to master the skills that will take your organization to the next level? Find out where your business really is- as opposed to where you think it is, so you can grow and expand with total clarity and confidence?

    Do you have a vision that is true & powerful that will reignite the passion in you and your team? Do you see the exit strategy for your company in total clarity? Most importantly does your shareholders & team see what you see? Are you ready to determine the ultimate business model of your business? What money (profit) that you should be earning that is unseen to your competitors? What “stage of life” is your business is currently in? Are you ready to prepare for the inevitable next steps to make your business sustainable and bankable?


    Are you excited to ramp up every aspect of your business through the miracle of capital that will increase your wealth in many folds, just like how the ultra-rich in the world of capital mechanism did? If you hear yourself saying “YES” to those exciting opportunities, you are a candidate for The Miracles of Capital.

    Grab Your Admission Now! Miracles of Capital Admission is extremely competitive. If you are ready to massively transform your business by 50-300% in the next 12 months, and your profitability by 50% or more, say yes and apply now!



    The course is designed for business owners, CEO, COO and CFOs . It covers the strategic design of a bankable company with a clear exit strategy for founders and investors. You are brought into the insights of:

    • Dissected business models;
    • Corporate analysis;
    • Mechanics of corporate planning;
    • Risk profiling, risk appetite as well as protection and investment restructuring strategies, ponents you want.

    The course is the result of Dr Wong’s personal experience as a venture capitalist regarding the development and listing of businesses on various stock exchanges.

    Ideas of aspirational visibility and aspirational clarity will be dealt with in detail. This forms the underlying rationale of contemporary business restructuring and practice. The course will explain why so many companies are dead-end by design and entrepreneurs are exhausted, doing the same things without making any real headway.

    Why do so many feasible companies fail to get investments? How does feasibility differ from bankability?

    Based on a discussion forum with participant input rather than lectures, the course utilises real life case studies to explore the difference between feasible and bankable business models as well as management and financing techniques that facilitate business growth.

    Participants will learn to demolish preconceived notions that had subconsciously been part of their norms. Liberated from these constraints, they can now redesign their businesses and careers that will lead to a self-defined destination without hindrances.


    The focus on market valuation as the objective for the value of every company is emphasised. Empowerment is by choice, using truth as the underlying foundation for entrepreneurial actions, this is not a motivational seminar, but one on real entrepreneurship. This seminar helps you demolish barriers and redesign your business ideas into reality.

    The course relies heavily on real life case studies, and made into a step by step, and easy to understand format. The amount of self-awareness, arising realisations and light bulb moments will be a key feature of the course. The complexity of corporate finance is dissected into an easily digestible format.


    Over The Three Days Participants Will Explore The Topics Of:

    Day 1: Business Model Design

    The course initiates by exploring well known businesses and the public’s inability to recognise how these businesses truly create a profit. Amongst the case studies Dr Wong discusses why Dell computing’s true income stream is derived from ________ and Apple is in reality the world’s largest __________ company deriving revenue from _____________.

    By the end of the day participants will be able to review businesses and identify various methods by which the business model can be transformed to create sustainable profit in the face of competition.


    Day 2: Business Growth

    Once participants have the ability to design a robust business model Dr Wong embarks on a journey to reveal how listed companies utilise funds to achieve growth and justify a listing. Participants will deconstruct a R28 billion rand property development project and witness how the funds for the development will be raised before listing.

    The concepts of corporate finance are presented in a simple yet comprehensive manner making them understandable by individuals with even limited finance experience.


    Day 3: Corporate Structuring and Management

    The final day encompasses the various topics discussed and shows participants how to harness their new knowledge to achieve their business vision. The day is spent discussing corporate structuring as well as management techniques which facilitate business model development and corporate growth.

    The final outcomes of the course are useful and powerful yet implementable action plans that allow participants to re-map their entire corporate strategies and corporate cultures.





  • Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan

    • Former-CEO, Commerce Net Singapore 2000-2010
    • Consulting Partner, CNSG consulting group, Singapore
    • Founding Partner, Shyan Associates, Singapore
    • Co-founder, Orientis VC, South Africa
    • Co-founder, Ecommerce Gateway,Pakistan
    • Proponent of investment trusts



    “Everything happens twice.

    First in your mind, second in reality.”


    Dr Wong Jeh Shyan has vast experiences as a venture capitalist for the development and listing of businesses on various stock exchanges.


    His professional specialty includes sophisticated financial modeling and business model development. He is also well-known for aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering, leading complicated cross-national boundary pilot project management that focus on high-risks catalyst/strategic ventures. He has led in executing fund raising, investor relations activities, instituting corporate financial control over portfolio companies.


    Currently, Dr Wong sits on the board of various investment holding companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, South Africa and China. He has indirect interests in more than 10 private equity and venture capital firms in China. He also sits on the Board of Advisor (CS & IT) in institute of Business and Tchnology (Biztek) Karachi and advises the Dadabhoy institute of Higher Education in Karachi.

    Dr Wong was specially invited as a VIP speaker on Capital MechanismTM for 21st APEC, june 2014.


    He also authored the tertiary education curriculum in E-commerce for tertiary education institutions, Special Diploma Program, Intellectual Property training courses and EMBA courses for international universities.




    Known as “The Miracles of Capital”, the course takes its name and meaning from the Chinese literal sense of “that which is not logical must therefore be a miracle”. The seminar is part of the broader global roll-out from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China.

    Many business owners fail to grow and expand their operations because they do not understand the Capital Mechanism.

    Are you searching for guidance on how to add value to current unseen opportunities?

    If your day to day agenda consists of generating revenue through product sales and services, consider this and start accumulating wealth by entering the Capital Market.


    Want to provide more than just money? Seeking to invest in buiness with strong business models & stronger principals? Looking for constant growth and clear exit strategies in your investments?

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    Whether you’ve been in business one week or ten years, an infusion of funds is always the fuel to propel your enterprise, but what type of funds is best for your business? Which type of people is best as your investors at this stage?

    There are too many factors to consider, from acessing your current business model to having a clear Financial Roadmap – that is just deciding how or where to start as fund raising can be overwhelming.

    At MOC Capital, entrepreneurs & investors come together to create a sustainable Capital platform to help you with just that. Register today and expose your business to the world through this platform.



    We Provide Comprehensive Education

    The objective of the Miracles of Capital training program is for both entrepreneurs & investors to see beyond their limited scope, create hidden business models and to build visibility and clarity in their business.

    The course has been designed to deliver the following:

    • Importance of valuation & exit strategies
    • Corporate restructuring & succession planning framework
    • Understanding & creating an investable business and other relevant corporate structure
    • Project & corporate finances
    • Wealth creation philosophy & mindset
    • Roadshow psychology
    • Investor Relationship management

    For more information on Miracles of Capital or to attend one of our Entrepreneur Luncheon Sessions to hear more from our fellow alumni, register for the next session in a city near you.

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